Arisaig sea kayak centre is a sea kayak guiding and hire company based in Arisaig on the west coast of Scotland. We run sea kayaking trips, holidays, expeditions and courses for all levels from beginner to advanced. We strongly believe Arisaig is one of the best locations on the west coast of Scotland for sea kayaking.

We have perfect white sand beaches, rugged headlands, sheltered bays, a fantastic mountain backdrop and a rich variety of wildlife. The perfect location for a sea kayaking holiday.
If you are looking to hire kayaks we have a large range; from single and double sea kayaks and sit on top kayaks to Canadian open canoes. We can advise on the best trips and expeditions and even deliver and collect rental kayaks and canoes for you.
We run both full/half day trips and multi day trips, courses and expeditions. If you are new to sea kayaking take a look at our one day introduction trip or our multi day beginner sea kayaking course. If you already have some sea kayaking experience then our explore Arisaig trips offer exciting kayak trips in some of Scotland's best sea kayaking locations. If you are after a bigger adventure then our sea kayak expeditions are based in some of the wilder parts of the west coast. We run an expedition to the Small Isles and an expedition to the Isle of Rum.
The area around Arisaig is full of wildlife; on many of our sea kayaking trips we see common seals and grey seals. We always see a selection of seabirds - a lot of seabirds nest in the area. Sometimes Otters are seen but they are timid animals and are hard to spot. Sea Eagles (White tailed eagles) and Golden Eagles can be seen in the area as can larger marine life - Minke Whales, Basking sharks, Porpoise and Dolphins. We always operate in a responsible way when watching wildlife and seek to disturb wildlife as little as possible, we follow current best practice guidelines, a copy of which can be found here.


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Spring sea kayaking in Loch Ailort
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Rough water sea kayaking in Loch Ailort
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Sea Kayak sunsets on the West coast of Scotland
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The ability to enjoy a Sea kayak trip with the sun setting over the sea is one of the great things about the West coast of Scotland. Tonight we enjoyed a stunning paddle out to Lunga Mor on the edge … Read More

Sea kayak and Sea Eagle (White Tailed Eagles)
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Eagles are one of the wildlife highlights of sea kayak trips. They can be seen around Arisaig and across much of the West coast of Scotland. I drove down to Ardtoe today to have a little explore around Kentra bay. … Read More