We create INSPIRING JOURNEYS IN WILD SCOTLAND - sea kayaking or SUP on epic coastlines, hidden lochs and remote islands.

Sea kayak and SUP courses and holidays Beginner to advanced Scotland's wild coastline

We believe in those moments of adventure that you just can't help but smile at - stunning sunsets, incredible journeys, places that make us feel alive - we mix people, wilderness and expertly crafted journeys to create unforgettable adventure.

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Do you know Scotland's coast? - epic, world class coastline waiting to be explored.

We think of our journeys as a deeper way of seeing Scotland, a way to really connect to the beauty and history of this place and its people.

We like to think of Scotland's coast as an Elemental Landscape - so defined and enhanced by the raw power of the elements.

But also with that feeling of being somewhere straightforward - where we can escape to the simplicity of watching the sun go down over the Hebrides - and feel at home.


It's up to you! - our journeys are chosen and graded to be progressive.

We know that sea kayaking isn't an extreme sport, if you value the experience and journey above risk and adrenaline then you are in the right place.

Our journeys create stories - adventure tales of places and histories discovered, challenges met and moments shared.

New to all this? - join in with one of our intro trips and see where exploring by SUP and sea kayak can take you.

Experienced kayaker - we'll have a journey that offers the adventure you are looking for.


The best moments in adventure are those that are shared. Those - you had to be there - only happens once kind of moments that we all value.

The kind that just make you feel great when you are among a group of people that share your love for escaping the fast-paced everyday to journey slowly in wild places.

People that value what adventure can offer us in the modern world - a chance to escape, slow down and live in-the-moment, at our own pace.


Find a journey that suits how you like to travel.

Expedition - we pack the kayaks with camping gear and food and head out into the wild. An expedition has that wonderful immersive feeling - of going deeper into the wilderness, of spending time just being out there beyond the reach of our smartphones. An expedition usually has its ups and downs, a good expedition is the sum of its parts - the memories created from all the experiences together - the good days and the bad. We learn, we get fitter and wiser and we look back with a smile, counting down the days until we can next head out there.

Explore - we have a base, usually somewhere with a roof over our heads in a unique setting and explore from there - heading out on foot, by sea kayak or on SUP boards. After a day of journeying we return to the comfort of a shower, a meal - locally sourced and home cooked or in a local Inn and an evening by the fireside - reliving our adventures that day. We spend time journeying - developing our skills and experience and getting to know a place and it's story - a stunning landscape that reveals more and more over the course of our trip.


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