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2 day explore Arisaig Your choice

WHAT TO EXPECT   We strongly believe Arisaig is the ideal location for a beginner sea kayaking course. The sheer variety and beauty of the coastline here offers lots of opportunities for exciting day trips without ever getting too committing, throw in lots of wildlife and stunning beaches and you have the perfect mix for sea kayaking. What better way to get to know the activity than by getting out and exploring by kayak – and that is exactly what we will do. Our aim is to simply show you how much fun sea kayaking can be.

TRIP HIGHLIGHTS   A two day introduction to sea kayaking course, based on two consecutive day trips in the Arisaig area.

  • Explore small islands, white sand beaches and hidden bays.
  • Choose accommodation that suits you - hotel, B&B, hostel or camp.
  • See Seals from the seat of your kayak.
  • Learn essential sea kayaking skills.



This trip can also be run as a private trip if you have a group of 4 or more.

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Shown as a guide, each trip has its own story, plans are always open to change.

*TAKING YOUR FIRST PADDLE STROKES - I wish I could rewind the clock to those first few moments in a sea kayak, feeling the kayak just glide through the water with a few paddle strokes, looking up and down the coast and realising I'd just entered a new world and the possibilities were endless.

We'll spend the day journeying in the Arisaig area - over the course of the day you'll build in skill and confidence under the expert eye of our guides. We won't go too heavy on the instruction - you'll learn a lot just through the experience of journeying in a sea kayak, but we'll always be on hand to offer those important pointers to keep you on the right track. We'll make sure to take breaks on Arisaig famous white sand beaches and spend some time exploring the many sheltered bays and small islands that make this area ideal for sea kayaking.


| Meet Arisaig at 09.30

Sea kayak journey - Arisaig

Stay - accomodation of your choice


*PROGRESSION - Sea kayaking is a broad church, once you've mastered the basics then the direction you can choose for the sport is up to you. The West coast of Scotland is great for expeditions; loading up the sea kayaks and paddling for a week or more. However its also pretty good for just finding a sheltered bay and watching the seals.

The most important thing is that we have this choice, we can take the sport in whatever direction we choose. Whatever we do its important that we are safe: Knowledge of the sea and knowledge of your capabilities in a sea kayak are very important to learn, not only because it keeps us safe but it also helps us to shape the sport in the way we want.

For this course we don't have a syllabus that we follow, we simply tailor the learning and the guiding to your motivations and your understanding on an individual basis. When you leave you will be full of ideas and techniques of sea kayaking and a spark of inspiration that will help you whatever adventure you choose next.


| Skill development and exploration by sea kayak

| Trip ends - Arisaig 16.30



This trip can also be run as a private trip if you have a group of 4 or more.


No accommodation is included, feel free to check our accommodation page for ideas about where to stay.


No food is included - make sure you bring some lunch, there is a shop in Arisaig.


Meet at Arisaig at 09.45, Finish at 16.30 Arisaig.



Up to 6 people.

No - you have to bring your own lunch, there is a shop next to our base if you need to buy food.

Individuals, couples or small groups of friends.

No - this trip is graded green and is suitable for beginners.

Sea kayaking is similar in intensity to walking - its is moderate aerobic exercise involving lots of different muscle groups but mainly the muscles of the torso and upper body. It places a light but repetitive load on these muscles - you don't need to have big muscles but you do need to be capable of sustaining a moderate level of physical effort. If you don't do any exercise, don't enjoy physical effort or have a very low level of fitness then you may find sea kayaking challenging. The most important thing to note is that we are here to enjoy the journey - we'll take plenty of breaks and paddle at an achievable pace.

A lot of learning about sea kayaking comes from experience and is best done as individuals on the move and in context. We won't spend time on long instructional briefings or static group skills practice but will give you little hints and tips on the journey to make it easier for you and suggest improvements to your technique as we go along. We'll help you develop your knowledge and sea kayak handling skill throughout he 2 days but also allow plenty of time simply to enjoy the journey and the experience of sea kayaking.

The weather on the West coast of Scotland can vary through the course of the season and from area to area - Scottish islands and coastline can see dramatically better weather and more sunshine than more mountainous areas inland. The wind speed and sea state are the primary factors that affect the trip - if the conditions are difficult then we won't go out on the sea or may do a shorter journey. If we can't go sea kayaking then we'll offer an alternative activity such as a coastal walk or indoor session on sea kayaking knowledge. You should note that it is very rare that we have to stay off the water on multi-day trips and the vast majority of trips run as planned. For full terms and conditions see the link below. You can read more about the weather/cancellation/booking on our FAQ page.

We can provide all specialist sea kayaking kit. You'll need to wear the right type of clothes for a more comfortable trip, full details are given in a kit list when you book a trip or if you'd like to read a kit list now then see this -  kit list


Full terms and conditions regarding booking our trips can be read here.


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