3 day explore Isle of Canna Canna campsite pods

Scottish islands have just a wee bit of magic about them - it’s hard to pin down, I like to think it’s something to do with the endless vision of sea and sky that stretches in front of you or the fact that you can say hello to everyone you see and not feel weird about it. Whatever creates that magic - there is lots of it on the Isle of Canna.


A long weekend trip exploring a remote Scottish island, staying in bothy accommodation in a wonderful setting, exploring by sea kayak and on foot.

  • Get to know a remote Scottish island over the course of a long weekend.
  • Get acquainted with the local Puffins and Seals.
  • Beaches and cliffs, sea caves and skerries - Canna is a sea kayaking playground.
  • Eat fresh food cooked over a fire, or maybe a freshly landed Lobster in the amazing Canna cafe.

3 Days | £390 per person | Accom and food included | scroll down for full details. 



Shown as a guide, each trip has its own story, plans are always open to change.

*MAKING YOUR ESCAPE - We’ll head off to Arisaig to collect the kayaks and kit, then head up to Mallaig for the ferry to Canna. There will be time on the way to take a little stroll on the famous Silver sands of Morar before settling in for the ferry crossing to the island - keep an eye out for Dolphins or Minke whales - often seen from the ferry.

Arriving on Canna is a wonderful experience, with that instant feel of being far away from everywhere else. We’ll have a little explore and then take to the kayaks for a Sea Kayak Journey - if you’ve not spent much time in a kayak before then we’ll make sure you get to brush up on the essential skills before heading out.

We’ll finish the day with a meal in Cafe Canna - freshly landed Lobster is a local speciality.


| Meet 10.30 Fort William

| Travel to Isle of Canna

| Explore by sea kayak

| Eat - Canna Cafe

| Stay - Canna campsite Bothies

*EXPLORE A WILD ISLAND - We’ll wake up in a wild setting, our accommodation is in perfectly situated wooden bothies with a clear sea view. 

We now have the whole day to play with - we’ll use it well - going for a longer explore in the sea kayaks and on foot. The island is home to lots of Puffins and other sea birds, we’ll see them dart back and forth from the cliffs as we paddle along. The conditions will dictate exactly how we spend the day - there are lots of options for sea kayaking and exploring the island on foot, if the conditions are good we'll aim to spend the full day in the sea kayaks. We’ll end the day at the Bothies, cooking a fresh meal over an open fire. We'll leave time to explore the harbour and village and soak up the unique atmosphere of being on Canna.

Day 3 - Our last morning on the island - we’ll have time to go for another little explore or we may just choose to relax and take in our surroundings, being on a remote Scottish island has wonderful feel to it, we’ll savour every moment. An early afternoon ferry will take us back to Mallaig and on to Fort William where we’ll say our goodbyes - until next time!


| Explore by sea kayak & on foot

| Stay - Canna campsite Bothies

Trip ends - Fort William 17.00


£390 per person, includes guiding, equipment, food and accommodation


Accommodation is in Canna campsite bothies, these simple wooden shelters are perfectly situated on the quiet Canna campsite, with showers and toilets and are a great base to explore from. Each bothy will be shared, either as a couple or with another group member of the same gender.


Includes meals - lunch on day one through to lunch on day 3. We will eat one meal in the wonderful Canna cafe, cooking a second meal on the Canna campsite. We can accommodate any dietary requirements if notified in advance.


Meet at Fort William train station at 10.30. Trip ends at Fort William 17.00, or an optional start and finish in Arisaig if preferred.


What size of group?

Up to 6 people.

Who else will be on the trip?

Like minded adventurers, individuals, couples or small groups of friends.

Do I need sea kayaking experience?

This trip is graded green so no sea kayaking experience is needed, but you will find this trip more enjoyable if you have some experience or a basic level of paddling fitness. Full details of our trip grades can be found in the link - trip grading.

What will the weather be like?

The weather on the West coast of Scotland can vary through the course of the season and from area to area - Scottish islands and coastline can see dramatically better weather and more sunshine than more mountainous areas inland. This changeable nature makes the west coast landscape what it is - elemental and powerful. Scotland has a real feeling of drama and intrigue because of its weather. Getting to Canna does rely on a ferry crossing, if the crossing is not possible (very rare in the summer months) then we will run the trip around Arisaig, which will be tent based (if this happens you'll be given the option to cancel at no charge).


It is unlikely that we will be bothered by midges on this trip, it only takes a light breeze or direct sunlight to keep them away.

What kit do I need to bring?

We can provide all camping kit and sea kayaking kit if needed. Please see the kit list for more info.


Full terms and conditions regarding booking our trips can be read here.




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