This course is all about being a safer paddler. Feeling safe whilst sea kayaking is very important for most peoples enjoyment of the sport. Having good judgement relative to our ability backed up rescue skills and incident management skills allows us to gain that feeling of safety from our sea kayaking. On this course we will aim to increase your ability to practice and develop rescue skills - its important to develop skills that work for you rather than textbook examples. This course is all about setting up a system of good practice - it's not a case of trying rescues once; like any skill they have to be practiced to be useful. However, we won't spend all the time in the water, we'll aim to have a little fun as well and learn in the context of a real sea kayaking journey.
This course is popular amongst hire customers who wish to top up their safety and rescue knowledge prior to hiring kayaks.

*Please note; this is a training course and not a formal qualification*

Dates and Prices

£80 /person per day

1+ day training course:
None set, run on demand

Course Information

Experience required – No other qualifications required. This course can be tailored to individual requirements.
All courses include – All kayaking equipment if required, guiding, instruction and local transport. Kit list here.