6 day expedition Sound of Arisaig Wild camp

The sound of Arisaig offers a wonderful area to explore by sea kayak, one of the best sections of coastline for a sea kayaking holiday on the West coast of Scotland. On this trip we will aim to explore as much of the Sound of Arisaig as possible - packing all the gear we need for a 6 day sea kayak expedition. You'll emerge from the expedition with a tale of adventure to tell and the epic photos to prove it.


A six day expedition exploring the Sound of Arisaig - a winding coastline of hidden sea lochs, sandy bays and exposed headlands.

  • Immerse yourself in a wild place on a six day self sufficient journey.
  • Wild camp above beaches and on remote shorelines.
  • Look for Seals and Otters in the Arisaig Skerries.
  • the perfect chance to build sea kayaking expedition experience and improve your skills.

6 Days | £690 per personfood included | scroll down for full details. 



Shown as a guide, each trip has its own story, plans are always open to change.

*THE SOUND OF SILENCE - The first few moments of an expedition are always a bit hectic - those last minute flashes of worry as you realise you may have forgotten something. Those awkward few minutes when you pack the kayak for the first time and wonder whether it will all fit. Those first few strokes out from shore, the paddle feeling strange and unwieldy.

Minutes later, and you find yourself a few hundred metres down the coast and still - it really strikes you - that sound of silence as the kayak glides and your world, that last week you were fighting to keep right is suddenly lost, replaced by the thought of future coastline, camp fires and good meals, effort and satisfaction. The start of an expedition.


| Meet Arisaig at 09.30

| Prepare for the expedition

| Sea kayak journey

| Stay - Wild camp

*HIDDEN BEACHES - There is a hidden beach, not marked on the maps, covered by the tide at high water but exposed at low tide to reveal a long strip of white sand.

All afternoon bands of rain and sun had passed over the Sea Loch; hood up, hood down as we paddled through the channels between the islands. The small waves pushed us further into the Loch, the group finding a rhythm in the paddling, occasionally bringing each others attention to the way the sky was changing or the unique alignment of mountains and islands as we moved further from the open water.

The sea changed; the waves flattened out, the wind died and the light shone brighter. Turning a small headland in the Loch we found the hidden beach, its white sand inviting us over to land and explore.


Explore by sea kayak

| Stay - Wild camp

*FEELING AT HOME - One of the joys of an expedition is that feeling of being out there - immersed in a different world. At first it may feel strange and those urges to reach for your phone are hard to repress.

Slowly we get accustomed to our place on this coastline, we sink in to the rhythms that place us in touch with the landscape - watching the tide, learning from the wind direction and strength, finding folds and gaps in the coastline and weaving a line that is far from the straightest or easiest. As we spend more time on expedition we start to feel these rhythms as natural - we are meant to know them, to feel them and to work with them, and we start to feel at home, like we were always meant to live at this pace. Of course, eventually, we need to return to the speed of our daily lives - we need to leave those slower rhythms behind.

What we have gained is a new context, a new layer of meaning and connection to bring back to the everyday - and that is a thing to be treasured.


Explore by sea kayak

| Stay - Wild camp

| Trip ends - Arisaig 16.30


£690 per person, includes guiding, equipment and food


For this trip we will be wild camping - we'll find some excellent places to camp above wild beaches.


Includes meals - lunch on day one through to lunch on day 6. We can accommodate any dietary requirements if notified in advance.


Meet at Arisaig at 09.30. Finish at 16.30 Arisaig.


What size of group?

Up to 6 people.

Who else will be on the trip?

Like minded adventurers, individuals, couples or small groups of friends.

Do I need sea kayaking experience?

This trip is graded blue - you will enjoy the trip the most if you have some recent sea kayak experience, this trip is not suitable for beginners. full details of our trip grades can be found in the link - trip grading.

What will the weather be like?

The weather on the West coast of Scotland can vary through the course of the season and from area to area - Scottish islands and coastline can see dramatically better weather and more sunshine than more mountainous areas inland. This changeable nature makes the west coast landscape what it is - elemental and powerful. Scotland has a real feeling of drama and intrigue because of its weather. If we do experience stronger winds and rough seas then there are more sheltered areas within the Sound that we can use.


Midges are most active during mid summer, it only takes a light breeze or direct sunlight to keep them away and they don't venture out onto the sea. We rarely experience problems with midges on sea kayak trips but in humid, still and overcast conditions they may be out.

What kit do I need to bring?

We can provide all camping kit and sea kayaking kit if needed. Please see the kit list for more info.


Full terms and conditions regarding booking our trips can be read here.