Sea Kayak Trips in Arisaig on the West Coast of Scotland

Sea kayaking in Arisaig - White sand & clear seas - islands and beaches, hidden bays and sheltered sea lochs - a landscape made for exploring by sea kayak. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker - a kayak trip in Arisaig is an incredible way to see wild Scotland.

Explore a Wild Coast

We have a superb coastline to show you.

The Arisaig coastline offers a window into the West coast of Scotland - journeying by sea kayak we can experience the history, landscape, wildlife and people that give this coast its magical feel.

Gliding above clear water, landing on a white sand beach on a hidden island, having Seals swim within metres of the kayaks, taking in a full panorama of islands and mountains - sharing all this with your friends and family - the special feel that has made sea kayaking in Arisaig a 'must do' experience for those wanting to get to know Wild Scotland.

Join us on a sea kayak day trip - put yourself in these pictures.

Sea Kayak Day Trips

Sea Kayak Journeys - Arisaig Coast

Day trip - 4 to 5 hours journeying time Arisaig coast

A guided sea kayak day trip around the beautiful Arisaig coastline.