Sea Kayak Day Trips - Arisaig Coast

We will guide you on a sea kayak day trip that takes you along a beautiful stretch of coastline.

We will teach you to handle a sea kayak or help develop your skill and show you the rich history and wildlife of the area. A day trip is within the capabilities of beginners with average fitness.

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How Our Trips Work

Day trip - 4 to 5 hours journeying time (including breaks on shore)09.30 - 15.30/16.00 (approx) | £105 per person (minimum age 15)

Our guides choose where to paddle based on their expert knowledge of the Arisaig coastline and the sea conditions, we'll take plenty of breaks and enjoy some time on shore on wild beaches.

Suitable for beginners or experienced paddlers; day trips are ideal for those wanting to experience sea kayaking in Arisaig, learn about sea kayaking or build more experience.

Suitable for adults or teenagers, a minimum age of 15 applies.

We use single sea kayaks by default, all sizes of P&H Virgo sea kayak (and other models), unless you request a double kayak.

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Dates and Prices

Day trips mostly run on weekdays - see Multi-day Trips or Expeditions if you want to join us on a weekend.

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Loch Nan Ceall

Sheltered Bays and Islands with a Wild Edge

A sea Loch surrounded by hills and islands, providing shelter and calm waters to start your journey. The further along the shores of the Loch, the wilder the coastline gets until we can reach a point where it is hard to spot any sign of civilisation - a wonderful place to escape for a day, exploring the hidden bays and secrets of this coast.

Loch Ailort and the Ardnish Peninsula

Winding Sea Loch and Abandoned Villages

A long fjord like sea loch that cuts between the Ardnish peninsula and the hills of Moidart. Hidden along the Lochs Northern shore are the remains of old abandoned settlements nestled above beaches and hidden bays. Tidal currents in the loch always make the sea kayaking here interesting as the water swirls round islands and over shallows, making a good hunting ground for elusive Otters.

Loch Moidart and Castle Tioram

Sheltered and Open Seas, Wooded Islands and Hidden Bays

A sea loch that bounds Eilean Shona on three sides, its north and easterly channel shallow, sandy and studded with wooded islands, contrasting with the South channel gradually opening out to the West to reveal a rugged coastline. Castle Tioram stands on top of a small tidal island, a focal point in the South channel that makes a perfect place to stop for lunch and scan the Loch for Seals, Eagles and Otters.

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Trip Information

Start and Finish Meet at 09.30 in Arisaig village. The location for the day trip will be chosen by the guide and is flexible to allow us to paddle in the most appropriate place for your skill level and the conditions on the day. The choice of location and route is always made by our guides. Trips finish time around 15.00 -16.00 depending on location.

Kit List All specialist kayaking equipment and clothing can be provided, see our kit list for full details of kit we provide and what you need to bring.

Food and Drink Food and drink isn't included. There is a shop next to the meet point in Arisaig village.

Double Kayaks We may choose to use double kayaks for the entire group should we feel that this would deliver the best and safest experience - usually in windier conditions.

Experience Required No previous experience is required. Sea kayaking is easy to pick up and beginners can complete a decent journey on their first time in a sea kayak. All of our trips are about journeying - we don't practice skills in a static location or run overly long briefings for beginners - we learn on the move and enjoy the freedom that sea kayaking offers.

Adventure Sea kayaking is an adventure sport and like all adventure sports is not a fixed experience but contains considerable variation as it involves working with changeable weather and sea conditions. To join a trip you should be prepared to spend a day out in the elements and should be prepared for the day to potentially include elements of physical and mental challenge.

Families and Under 18's We can only take under 18's sea kayaking as part of a family group. We have a minimum age of 15 for day trips.


Frequently Asked Questions 

We don't publish a set route for any of our trips. The guide will choose a location that suits the conditions on the day and the experience and needs of the group - this is the safest and best way to operate sea kayak trips in Scotland.

The most important thing to note is that we are here to enjoy the journey - we'll take plenty of breaks and paddle at an achievable pace and will vary trip length and paddling time based on conditions to keep things achieveable and enjoyable. Attitude is just as important as fitness and we are used to working within a range of different client fitness levels. Sea kayaking is similar in intensity to purposeful walking over undulating terrain - it is moderate aerobic exercise conducted for a sustained amount of time involving lots of different muscle groups but mainly the muscles of the torso and upper body. It places a light but repetitive load on these muscles - you don't need to have big muscles but you do need to be capable of sustaining a moderate level of physical effort for several hours - and most importantly enjoy the sensation of moderate and sustained exercise.

You also need to be able to sit in an upright position in order to paddle - if you have problems with your lower back, weak core muscles, tight hamstrings or otherwise find sitting upright uncomfortable then sea kayaking may not be suitable for you. If you don't do any exercise, don't enjoy physical effort or have a very low level of fitness then you may find sea kayaking challenging.

If you have no kayaking experience at all and are very unsure about your ability to paddle due to a low level of fitness or a specific weakness/injury then taking part in a form of paddlesports that doesn't feature journeying and sustained paddling may be a better start, you can always progress to sea kayaking later on - sessions such as taster sessions or on enclosed pieces of water or shorter in duration may all be options.

Although our trips are primarily about guided experiences, you will also learn as part of the journey. A lot of learning about sea kayaking comes from experience and is best done as individuals on the move and in context. We won't spend time on long instructional briefings or static group skills practice but will give you little hints and tips on the journey to make it easier for you and suggest improvements to your technique as we go along.

The weather on the West coast of Scotland can vary through the course of the season and from area to area - Scottish islands and coastline can see dramatically better weather and more sunshine than more mountainous areas inland. The wind speed and sea state are the primary factors that affect whether we will run the trip - if the conditions are unsuitable then we will cancel and you won't be charged (any deposit paid will be refunded), we can try and re-schedule if possible. You should note that it is very rare that we have to cancel trips. For full terms and conditions see the link below. You can read more about the weather/cancellation/booking on our FAQ page.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, the balance is due 30 days prior to the trip, for cancellation policy please see our full terms and conditions.

We have a much larger FAQ page that covers all aspects of sea kayak trips with us.

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