Arisaig weekend sea kayak trip

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Dave and Rachel had booked onto a weekend sea kayak trip, our 2 day sea kayak adventure trip. The forecast was looking pretty good and on meeting up on the Saturday morning we discussed the many options for day trips in the local area. We settled on a circumnavigation of Eilean Shona, setting off from Glenuig.

There is nothing better than gliding through Smooth, glassy water. Rachel chose to paddle a Valley Avocet, a super maneuverable low volume kayak that is great for intermediate paddlers. In the right hands it can turn effortlessly but is still quite a fast kayak for it's length.

A great place to stop is the little bay on the south east tip of Shona. Every time I visit this place there are always more otter prints in the sand than footprints. We didn't see one this time, but it is a great spot for seeing otters.

That evening we discussed options for the following day. Dave and Rachel were both feeling confident and the forecast was for light winds from the east. It would be perfect conditions for rounding Ardnamurchan point, the most westerly point of mainland Britain and a serious undertaking, but also one of the best trips on the west coast of Scotland. The point is often very rough due to a combination of being open to the swell from almost any direction, tidal flow and the angle of the rocks which reflect waves easily; all contributing to the notoriety of the headland. Easterly winds and little swell meant that it would be nice and calm around the point so Dave and Rachel were keen to give it a go.

The day worked out perfectly, the easterly winds were as predicted and we rounded the point in glorious late afternoon sunshine and light winds. A great combination of day trips for a weekends paddling.