Rainbows over the Arisaig Skerries

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Its always good to go sea kayaking for a few hours out on the water in winter when the weather presents an opportunity. It's so easy not too bother when it's cold and windy but it's always worth it. This afternoon I put my Rockpool Alaw on the roof and headed down to the Arisaig Skerries.


It was looking like there may be quite a good sunset developing in amongst the rain showers and the bands of cloud.

alaw skerries 3

When I reached the beach at Lunga Mor I was very glad I'd made the trip out:

alaw skerries 5 alaw skerries 6

I paddled a quick lap around the back of the island, which was surprisingly rough and required a bit of timing and control to get through some of the waves breaking on the rocks just under the surface. I made it back to the car just as the light was fading.

alaw skerries 4