Rough water sea kayaking in Loch Ailort

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The winter can sometimes deliver fantastic conditions for sea kayaking in rough water, surf and high winds. We played around the entrance to Loch Ailort where the strong westerly winds had driven some big waves into the Loch. We always feel its important that we keep our skill levels at a high level - if we are taking responsibility for leading people on the sea then its out job to make sure we can paddle in demanding conditions.

Arisaig is much calmer in the summer; Loch Ailort is usually quite sheltered and delivers some brilliant beginner sea kayaking in amongst the islands.


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Sea kayaking in this kind of water requires a whole raft of different skills - timing and route choice, stroke selection and adaption, staying calm and making good judgements, turning the kayak effectively in the wind, bracing and stability in the waves and powerful forwards paddling.

We have trained individuals to paddle effectively in these conditions. Sea kayaking isn't just about the chilled out paddling we do a lot of in the summer months - we are also very happy to offer coaching and guidance for rougher water and more advanced conditions.