The Small Isles (Rum, Eigg, Muck and Canna) are a group of Islands west of Arisaig. We run a week long expedition to the Small Isles, a 5 day Explore trip and a sailing and sea kayaking trip.

The Small Isles are a brilliant sea kayaking destination and perfect for multi day sea kayak trips and expeditions. Each island is very different with varying populations, geology, wildlife and infrastructure. The whole area can be seen as wild land with very few people across the total area of the islands. The islands are home to a fantastic array of wildlife -  huge numbers of seabirds nest on the cliffs of Rum and Canna and the water surrounding the islands is home to many Dolphins and Whales in the summer months. The islands also offer some stunning sections of coastline; Rum, Eigg and Canna have superb high cliffs and stacks as well as beautiful beaches and sheltered bays. Overall - a stunning and challenging sea kayaking destination.


Puffins can be found on Rum and Canna. Canna has huge numbers of nesting seabirds.

Porpoises, Dolphins, Whales and Basking Sharks can also be seen around the Small Isles. There are also groups of Common Seals and Grey Seals.

White Tailed Eagles were first re-introduced to Rum. They can be seen on the Islands (I've always seen at least one when visiting Rum).

Highlighted Trip: Circumnavigation of Canna

This trip circumnavigates the Island of Canna. It is possible to do this trip as part of our Small Isles Expedition or as a day trip from Arisaig using either the Calmac ferry (Saturdays only) or private charter (any day).

The Island of Canna offers a perfect day trip. This potentially a serious and committing trip - once outside the village there are limited options for landing and escape. The cliffs of the Northern and Western edges of Canna are spectacular and are home to 15,000 seabirds during the summer months. There are sea stacks and caves to explore all along the coast. The Western most point of Canna has an impressive stack which holds the remains of a fort at Dun Channa.

More information on Canna can be found here: The Island of Canna, The National Trust - Canna.