Sea kayaking Shetland – a trip around the Shetland mainland

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In June 2014 I paddled my sea kayak around the Shetland mainland. Sea kayaking in Shetland is a fantastic experience - the combination of landscape, history and wildlife is hard to beat.

The islands have lots of options for day trips and short expeditions: The cross shape of the mainland along with the many deep 'Voes' or sea lochs actually provide quite an accommodating place for sea kayaking. The Atlantic can produce some big seas around the Islands but its possible to paddle in sheltered lochs or in the lee of cliffs. Of course there is always the chance of encountering conditions like I found for my circumnavigation - flat calm seas, blue skies and sunshine. The islands are truly magical in these conditions but equally as atmospheric when there are waves pounding the cliffs. Its a beautiful place and one which I'll return to as often as I can.

There is more information on our planned trip to Orkney and Shetland here:

Sea kayak Orkney and Shetland